Bamboo consumer products are not available off the shelf. And for those looking for alternatives to plastic products within the same price range, THE BAMBOO EXPERTS TBE can make it possible. We at TBE make a variety of bamboo consumer products readily available. And we do it keeping what is affordable for you in mind. our products competitively priced, look unique, are durable and have the potential to replace plastic products. Also, as more and more of India’s middle-class aspires to live a sustainable and eco-friendly life, we make it possible. So do bounce off your ideas and we will try to make it possible.

The Bamboo Expert (TBE) was started in Jan of 2021. Bamboo is not perfect in its construction, so we can't claim to be perfect. We use only matured bamboo, which then undergoes a seasoning process. The seasoning makes the bamboo durable and light weight. 80% of our workforce are women, We convert non usable parts of bamboo into Charcoal thereby making us low waste generators.



D-2, D-3, D-4, D-5 Ramnagar Industrial Area, BIADA Campus, Chatkal, Ramnagar, West Champaran, Bihar-845106